Our Values


We place the highest priority on serving Christ in all we do and in the way we live. We place a high priority on serving friends in need and helping workcamp participants grow, rather than “doing construction” as a charity event.


We recognize that sexism, age discrimination, egotism, pride, and one-upsmanship are behaviors that threaten the grace of living together in the Body of Christ.

Inclusivity and diversity

We will respect differences between ourselves and other workcamp participants, and ourselves and the Appalachian people we serve. We will work to include everyone in the work at our job sites, regardless of gender, skill level, experience, or handicap.


We will be alert at all times to protect the safety and well-being of work camp participants and homeowners. We will safeguard the physical, emotional and spiritual safety of those traveling to, and working at the job site, and at Asbury Woods. And we pledge to report potential and real safety hazards to the workcamp leadership.

Respect for property

The United Methodist Church of our area is generous to allow us the use of Asbury Woods Camp. We agree to keep the camp beautiful, clean and safe. We agree not to deface building or grounds or disrupt the natural surroundings at Asbury Woods.

Respect for Personal boundaries

We will ensure freedom from sexual harassment and unwanted sexual advances and comments. We will also respect the physical property and personal belongings of workcamp participants and the homeowners we serve.

Concern for God’s creation

We respect the environment by properly disposing of trash at Asbury Woods and at the work site. We will take special precautions for the disposal of contaminants and hazardous waste.

Adult leadership

Crew leaders and other adults agree to serve as spiritual leaders in addition to supervising work groups at the job sites. Adults agree to model and advocate for the values of CLWC at all times.


We agree to a healthy lifestyle while at workcamp which includes refusing the use of alcohol, illegal drugs or prescription drugs (without an accompanying prescription) at any time at workcamp. We agree that minors may not use tobacco while at workcamp as well.

General behavior

We agree to participate in all activities unless approved by camp/church leaders.