What To Bring

What To Bring

Here is a list of things to remember:

Work clothes

Closed toe shoes

Rain gear

Bathing suit


Sleeping bag/sheets


Toilet articles (soap, shampoo, etc)


Prescription medications/health items



Camera (if desired)

Insect repellant

Suntan lotion


Water bottle (VERY IMPORTANT)

Work gloves

Tools (as available- like hammers, tape measure, etc)

Safety googles

Dust mask


Those who have been told they're staying in the Mission Cottage need queen-size sheets.

Adults being housed in local homes do not need sleeping bags/pillows


Bring a WATER BOTTLE marked with your name. You will need this at meals and at the work site!

Bring your signed COVENANT FORM stating you've seen the "Safety Video" and read the camp policies and values.

Bring a COPY OF MEDICAL HALTH INSURANCE information if not previously provided it.

You'll be given a T-shirt at check-in.