What We Do

What We Do

Warm, Dry and Safe


The Cabell-Lincoln County Work Camp is a multicultural and relational Christian ministry designed to provide an experience in mission (home and church repair) for youth and adults in the particular cultural fellowship and spiritual community of West Virginia people, young and old.


The purpose of this work camp is to provide a mutual experience of work, worship, study, and interaction between youth and adults from different cultures and denominations so that they, together, may celebrate their oneness in Christ and minister in God’s name to those in need.

Statement of History

We have been working in various counties of West Virginia since 1966. This is a relational work camp concept and during these years approximately 2,000 homes and hundreds of thousands of labor hours have been involved. Churches and individuals have donated more than $500,000 to purchase material for these needed home repairs.

Work Projects

The type of work projects accomplished during work camp include roofing, underpinning, porch repair, outhouses, pump houses, foundation repair, siding, septic systems, painting, electrical and plumbing installation, and general indoor/outdoor home repair. The goal is to repair homes so they are warm, secure, safe and dry.

Local Coordination

The Reverend Bob Bondurant directed the work camp for over 35 years. From 2004-2021, The Reverend Rick Wilson served as director. This year we welcome The Reverend Mark Boyd to serve as camp director. The Work Camp Board of Directors and Planning Committee meet regularly to plan and coordinate the administration, work projects, food, housing and other important aspects of our work camp.


The work projects are scattered in various areas of Cabell and Lincoln County. Most sites are in rural areas but some are located in the Huntington area. Campers are housed at Camp Asbury Woods (a Methodist facility 10 miles south of Huntington). Dormitory-style buildings have cots w/ mattresses and large bathrooms w/ showers. Meals are served in a large dining hall. A swimming pool at the camp is open for use in the afternoons. Some adult campers are housed in homes of Huntington residents. The camp address is

Camp Asbury Woods – 5330 Rt. 10 Salt Rock, WV 25559 - (304) 736-2117

Camp Enrollment

Approximately 120 youth (age 14 and up) and 100 adults participate. Groups come from many states and various denominations. Florida, Maryland, West Virginia, Massachusetts, Ohio, Georgia, North & South Carolina are yearly represented.

General Policies of the Work Camp

  • All campers (youth and adults) participate in all activities unless ill. Mandatory.

  • When in camp, stay on premises. No one is to enter woods unless accompanied by group leader.

  • No alcoholic or non-prescription drugs on Asbury Woods property. Zero tolerance.

  • No weapons—guns, knives, or explosives/fireworks are permitted on camp property. Zero tolerance.

  • Cars must be driven by owners or other authorized adult leaders only.

  • Our language should reflect our Christian faith and witness.

  • Our dress should reflect a respect for differing cultures.

  • Job site dress code:

  • Long and short pants must be worn at waist level

  • Shorts will extend to the mid-thigh

  • Women’s tops must cover chest and midriff

  • Shirts must be worn at all times at the work site

  • It is strongly encouraged that the above standards of dress be followed at Camp Asbury Woods as well as the work sites.

  • All music stays in camp. No music to work sites.

  • Use buddy system, and have adult present if you choose to swim in lakes or rivers.

  • Workers must wear goggles when nailing or using power tools

  • No hazing or harsh teasing. Treat everyone as a CHILD OF GOD

  • Respect the sacred nature of Camp Asbury Woods as a place of Christ’s mission.

  • Men/Women may not be in each other’s dorms. Campers must be in their dorms by 10:30 PM. Lights Out at 11:00 p.m!

  • We encourage diversity and loving acceptance of each person’s unique personality, gifts, and contribution, treating each other with respect and dignity, regardless of age, religion, gender, sexual preference, race, or ethnic background.

  • A POLICY COUNCIL representing various groups of participants will discuss policy questions and violations, and make recommendations to the camp board.

  • College students are to be utilized like any adult leader

  • We respect and appreciate the life, culture, and character of all people living in Appalachia as well as all participants

  • We encourage people of different denominations and faiths to participate and benefit from each other’s traditions.